Security Walls, LLC is a premier provider of pre-employment and employee background screening and investigative services.   Our client base and experience  include government agencies, law enforcement, private companies, and several national laboratories. Using our pool of investigators, analysts, database systems (IT) and coordination with US Law Enforcement personnel, we have the ability to obtain information relating to criminal history & terrorism background information from over 180 countries.

Security Walls, LLC is staffed with highly experienced and former FBI, CIA, Bureau of Immigration Custom Enforcement (ICE), Homeland Security, DEA, ATF, Federal Pretrial Services, Secret Service, State Department, IBM, Xerox, Grumman, Bell South, Center for Disease Control (CDC) and state law enforcement officers. The core investigative staff is comprised of highly trained professionals with extensive experience in background investigations that allow them to provide clients with the best available services. Juanita M. Walls, Chief Manager of Security Walls, is a retired Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Special Agent with extensive experience in conducting high level background investigations that has included:

  • United States Presidents
  • United States Cabinet Members
  • United States Senators (in New York and Tennessee)
  • Tennessee Valley Authority Directors
  • Security Clearances for Personnel of government facilities 
  • Corporate Personnel

Pre-employment Screening Services include the following investigative areas of interest:

~  Employment Verification     ~  DMV Records Checks  ~  County Criminal Checks      ~  Statewide Criminal Checks ~  Nationwide (Federal) Criminal Checks    ~  Credit Checks ~  Education Verification    ~  True Identity Verification ~  Character References (interviews)    ~  Military Experience Verification ~  E-Verify Checks       ~  International Criminal/Education Checks ~  Sexual Offender Registry/Watch List Checks         

Security Walls, LLC is a member of the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) and is a licensed Private Investigator Company approved by the Tennessee Private Investigation and Polygraph Commission. As a member of PBSA, we adhere to the PBSA Accreditation Program requirements.  The PBSA Accreditation requirements provide us the foundation that ensures our Screening Services are accomplished in a highly accurate, rapid, thorough, secure, and professional manner.  Security Walls utilizes a Secure Fax System and a Secure Email System to submit and receive reports and ask questions, while preserving confidentiality and sensitive and personal information. Our investigators have earned a reputation in the business community of providing a thorough work product, maintaining absolute discretion, and exhibiting the highest ethical standards while consistently delivering cost effective and innovative solutions to complex investigative problems.